What do you sell?
We sell women’s intimate apparel and specialize in corsets and waist trainers.

Why can’t I buy a corset or waist trainer online?
Because no two people are alike we ask that you come in to be properly fitted for a corset or waist trainer. If a corset or waist trainer is the wrong size it could be extremely uncomfortable. Cut and materials play a huge roll in the fit of a corset and it is not uncommon for sizes to vary between styles.

What is waist training?
Waist training, is a process done over a long period of time often with a specific goal in mind. When you begin waist training, you should first “season” (break in) your corset or waist trainer by wearing it just a couple of hours at a time, and not too tight. They will need time to shape to your body, and your body needs time to adjust as well. Forcing a corset to lace-up with your first wearing can damage the corset (not to mention YOU). Over time, with dedication, you will need to move down into a smaller corset or waist trainer as you train down your waist.

What’s the difference between a corset and waist trainer?
A corset will have two sets of closures. It will have hooks or a zipper and laces allowing you to adjust the fit with every use. Corsets are also more visible underneath clothing so most of our customers tend to wear them for both fashion and function.

A waist trainer has one set of closures in the front. The multiple rows of hooks on a waist trainer allow you to adjust the fit as you shrink down your waist. Waist trainers are designed to be worn under clothing and some are even safe to work out in.

Will a corset make me lose weight?
While a corset can help you reduce the size of your waist and curb your appetite it will not do all the work for you. A corset like a waist trainer is simply a tool to make your goal more attainable. Diet and exercise are important and a corset will simply magnify the effort you put in.

How do I know my size?
Sizing can be tricky, that is why we ask that you come into get properly fitted and try a few corsets or waist trainers on. We want to make sure every customer is confident and comfortable when they leave our store.

Do you carry plus sizes?
Yes! We try to cater to all Divas, so a lot of our corsets and waist trainers come anywhere from a small-6Xl.

Can I sleep in my corset or waist trainer?
No. While it may seem convenient to fall asleep and wake up to a smaller waist we strongly discourage sleeping in anything that can restrict your breathing.

Can I just buy the smallest waist trainer and wear it until my body shrinks to that size?
The key to successful waist training is actually in wearing a corset or waist trainer that isn’t too tight. Because going too small too quickly can be painful (not to mention dangerous) it is recommended for safe and long term results to train your waist down gradually.

How do I care for my waist trainer?
Due to its direct contact with the skin you want to hand wash your waist trainer daily. Always use a gentle detergent and hang to dry.

How do I care for my corset?
You may hand wash your corset with a gentle detergent and hang to dry or have it dry cleaned.

Do you sell gift cards?
Yes, you may purchase a Gift Certificate in-store for any amount over $5.

Can I purchase online?
No. Because we cannot stress enough the importance of getting a proper fit, we currently are not selling online.

Do you except returns or exchanges?
Sorry there are no returns accepted. All sales are final! This is why we highly recommend getting properly fitted. We feel that you will be completely satisfied with our products once you are fitted.